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In Conversation with Zaki Hussain

(“9956” 2016, Qatar, Zaki Hussain)

What inspired you to make this film? 
I love to poke fun in conventional screenwriting. I spend a lot of time watching cool mini-documentaries on Vimeo and realized that they have a certain structure. With that structure in mind, I decided to film 9956.

What do you want American audiences to know about this film or about the subject matter?
I’m glad that I get to show off a bit of Doha, Qatar, in this film. I hope audiences would get inspired by the narrative and the sights of the beautiful city.

Is it difficult to make films in your home country? Why or why not?
Since I am fairly new to Doha, getting permits was the most challenging thing. I expect to have this challenge in any other country I am new to anyway. However, my friends managed to get a permit to shoot in any public spot in Doha, which is an achievement in itself.


“December 2016”


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